Big Pet Monkey Weekend On Tap

Hey everybody

Although I have been busy with solo shows the past few weeks Pet Monkey has had a few weeks of R & R before heading into a Friday / Saturday combo this weekend.

60% (3 out of 5 Einstein) of Pet Monkey members graduated from Edgewood High School in scenic Ellettsville Indiana and we all gained much of our love of music through programs there.  In fact this is a picture of Tyler when he played guitar for the swing choir:

South Korean trainer Kim Mi-jung and her monkey Conan play guitars during a monkey school show in Seoul January 9, 2003. The show, which demonstrates how the monkeys are trained to imitate their trainers, will run until February 4.    REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Tyler Parker Pet Monkey guitarist playing!

We will be playing immediately after the Edgewood Mustang football game (9:00 – 9:30) at the high school for an alumni event sponsored and set up by the EHS Class of 1980.  There is no admission, bring your lawn chairs, and if you graduated or event at one time went to Edgewood you are invited.  We’ll be providing music and Pet Monkey mayhem until the stroke of 11:30.   Hope to see many Mustang friends young and old there!

On Saturday we are back in Bloomington for an epic show at the Moose Lodge  It’s steak night and come early and stake out your table.  Our last gig here had Moose staff bringing in extra tables to accomodate everybody.  Our show runs from 8:00 until midnight and I promise you’ll want to dance!

It’s always great to have a fun show to look forward to and this weekend, we’ve struck it rich!  We hope you can make it but, if not, have a safe weekend and let’s hook up soon!

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey