Get Your Monkey Runnin’

Amigos and friends:

monkeysonmotorcyclesGet your monkey runnin’.  Head out on the highway.  Lookin’ for adventure.  Not some sandwich made at Subway. (No offense Jared.)

Are YOU looking for adventure?  Well get your kiesters on over to Spencer for a night of (Pet) Monkey mayhem at the American Legion.  Lots of great party and dancing music from 9:00 until 1:00 and, I must say, the locals know how to have a good time.  Drinks are of the American variety (of course) and the prices are somewhere between fair and down right cheap!


Next weekend finds the monkey boys in Paoli for the annual Orange County REMC meeting and party on Friday and then back in Whiteland Saturday night at Whit’s Inn.

Enjoy the heat, enjoy the summer, miss Pet Monkey, that’s a bummer.

Scott / Your blogging Pet Monkey

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