Pet Monkey Across Indiana: Orleans to Franklin this Weekend

Hey there!

Rolling Stone

After another fun Friday evening last weekend with the Shorty’s gang in Bedford, Pet Monkey heads to Orange County to be the feature entertainment for the Dogwood Festival in Orleans.  Forecast:  Mostly sunny, 0% chance of rain and temps in the low 70’s so we are looking forward to our first outdoor show of the season.  We’ll be playing from 7:00 – 9:00 and there are bleachers but lawn chairs are never discouraged.  It is a great small town fair atmosphere and come hungry and try some of the local grub.


Saturday evening finds us in Franklin at the St. Rose Catholic School for a Derby celebration and fund raiser.  Our show will be from 8:00 until 11:00 and last year the St. Rose show was one of our favorites.

I personally had a pilgrimage to Nashville and Memphis this week with my family but hearing all the great music of both of these towns made me miss my Pet Monkey cohorts and I am really excite to play some tunes with my friends!  I hope everyone is ready for a great weekend and hope you have a splendid weekend and May.  May our paths cross soon!

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey