Friday: Rockin’ The Bedrock!

Howdy all:

I have to say right off the bat that we REALLY appreciated everyone coming out to our Bloomington Moose show last Friday.  There were so many friends I hadn’t seen in years and even more who we see every time we play Bloomington.  It was great for all of us!

moose3 moose5 moose4 moose2 moose1Next up for Pet Monkey is a Friday night show (May 24 from 9:00 -1:000 with our friends in Bedford at Shorty’s Den.  We’re starting to grow a following in Bedford and we are really looking forward to meeting some more fine Lawrence County folk while rockin’ it out Pet Monkey style.

Shotys_Apr 24

Enjoy all the springness happening around us and we hope to see you soon!  Until then, please like us on Facebook!FaceBook Like Button by GlockStore

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey