Next Stop: Tasty Shop!

Hello Pet Monkey friends:

We’re adding new shows for  2015, but want to thank Alan Kinser and the 37 Junction crew for the awesome Saturday night we had last weekend.


37junct2 37junct3

A new ownership and a new attitude help make the whole night rock.  Alan and I grew up just down the street from each other and it was great to be surprised by him and his parents Bill and Linda.  It was also great to see him and his wife dancing on the bar.  The hi-energy audience danced and danced and almost molested George, our inflatable monkey.  We sure look forward to a return date sometime early next year.

This Saturday we are invading Edinburgh for the first time on the stage at the Tasty Shop II.  We hope some of our Johnson and Bartholomew County friends and fans can make it out to help fill the dance floor with ‘monkey mayhem’,  We have few new tunes to roll out so come on out and support live music in Edinburgh.  I bet you like it.  I bet you!

Tasty1New Year’s Eve is drawing closer and it is time to make your plans to ‘Go Banana’s with Pet Monkey in Nashville at the Brown County Playhouse  This is where you click to get all the poop about event and to buy tickets.  My good friend and Hotel Nashville operator Kevin Ault is working on an inclusive package for the evening and I should have that info next week.  We’re planning on barrels of fun…don’t miss out!

Hope to see you soon.  Button up and don’t forget your mittens!  It’s *&%#! cold out there!

Scott / your lobgging Pet Monkey

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