A Beautiful Evening: Fourwinds Resort & Pet Monkey!

Greetings all:

I want to tell you about the AMAZING evening last night on the patio at the Fourwinds Resort on Lake Monroe.  We had a hefty slab of Pet Monkey fans and friends in attendance.  There was also a nice sized crowd of strangers that, by night’s end, we called our newest friends.  Upon arrival we decided to play outside as the chance of rain was almost zero.   As we were setting up the gear, this was our view:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The patio packed to standing room only for a big part of the evening.  Some folks even brought their own lawn chairs!  Girls in bikinis and dogs on leashes are not typically standard fare at a Pet Monkey show, but they were prevalent here.  Our large stuffed gorilla was offensive to one of the little dogs walking past our stage and his growl showed his displeasure.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

As the evening  wore on, more and more people filled the patio and the dancers found empty places to boogie all over the place.  We catered our show’s last set to the people dancing and made sure to make it filled with music to keep them on their feet.  When it was over, I met fine folks from B-Town, Terre Haute, Greencastle and from as far away as Florida.  We all agreed it was a great place and a great way to spend a summer’s night. (Oh well, oh well, oh well, oh well…)

Next up for the Pet Monkey crew:  a Thursday evening at the Gosport Lazy Days Festival.  We’ll shoot for an 8:00 start time.  Hope you can drag your Lazy Days butt off the couch and come see us!

Until then, don’t step on any bees and bee nice to your honey!

Scott Strange / Your blogging Pet Monkey