This Weekend, Pet Monkey Heads South. And Then North.


Hello everyone!

Here’s a picture of last weekend’s event in Orleans at the Dogwood Festival where we met and played for some fine folks Friday evening.  It was a bit chilly, but we had a great time and I think we are already on the schedule to return for their 2015 festival.  We’re all looking forward to it.  For a few more pictures, check out our Facebook page and thanks to my wife Jessica for all the great shots and for the time involved in editing and uploading.

This Friday, Pet Monkey heads south once again for a a fun night of dancing and mayhem at Shorty’s Den in Bedford.  We played Shorty’s a few months back for the first time and the crowd there was rockin’!  We’ll be playing from 9:00 – 1:00 so we hope if you are in the area, you can come on by and party with us.

On Saturday, Pet Monkey will be performing for a gathering/festival at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School in Franklin.  We always enjoy our shows in Franklin and we look forward to this performance and meeting some more of our Johnson County fans.  The festivities began at 6:30 so make sure to check out the link provided to see more info.

It’s allegedly hitting 80 on the thermometer today so get out there, mow that yard, trim that hedge and enjoy the great weather we’ve awaited so long.  Besides, it’ll be great to get it all done and reward yourself with a Pet Monkey interaction some time in the near future.  You deserve it!

Until them compadres,

Scott / Your blogging Pet Monkey