Bedford’s Shorty’s Den: More Like Bed-Rockin’!

Hey gang:

I recovered well today from a rockin’ show at Shorty’s Den in Bedford last night.  The crowd was plentiful and the dancing was nearly non-stop.  The folks there knew how to have a great time and we appreciated their enthusiasm!  We got to do a few new (to Pet Monkey) songs such as ‘Baby Come Back’, ‘Love Train’ and ‘Sara Smile’ and they appeared to go over well.  Thanks so much to the great staff at Shorty’s and the wheels are in motion for us to re-book an engagement here in the near future.  Here are a few pictures of the fun we had:

short1 short2 short3

This weekend finds Pet Monkey back in the friendly confines of the Saloon at Seasons Lodge in Nashville.  Spring in Nashville is quite a sight and so come spend the day, find some great local fare for dinner (such as the dining room at the Seasons) and make it out to the Saloon in time for our 8:30 start.

Until the next time we meet, enjoy the nicer weather and do something nice for someone you love.


Scott / Your Blogging Pet Monkey