Monkey Boo Boo


Well gang, a bit of miscommunication between the Seasons Lodge staff and the band led to Pet Monkey thinking we were playing this weekend and the bar intending someone else to play.  Hopefully, no harm / no foul.  Those wanting to see Pet Monkey again at the Seasons Lodge in Nashville will have to wait until the first weekend in April (4th and 5th).

In order to get your Monkey grove in the meantime, you are invited to our inaugral show at Shorty’s Den in Bedford on March 29th.  This is an intimate club but, from what I’ve seen, bands are very well received here.  We’re looking forward to rocking out there and we hope to see some of our older and newer friends there as well.


The Monkey Men are ready for the spring and summer and we have some exciting new venues and music to unveil.  Please take an opportunity to come check out all the good things that our hard work is bringing our way.  Doing it all for you…that’s what we aim to do!

Scott / Your blogging Pet Monkey