Post-Junction Wrap and a Pre-Seasons Primer

Last Saturday evening we had to compete with the BNL Lady Star’s trip to the state championship game, but we still had a large and loud crowd at the 37 Junction on March 8.


Our good friend Amy joined us onstage for a cool rendition of the Carole King song “It’s Too Late” and she sings like a bird.  A very hip and sassy bird!  We also celebrated Rick’s wife Angie’s birthday.  But the big hit was our monkeys, both the stuffed and the inflated varities.  Lot’s of picture taken.



All in all, with BNL girls bringing home the title and some fans joining us for a victory nightcap, the Junction was the place to be in Judah!

As the buds form on the trees and the birds begin singing, the nice weather always brings out great crowds to Nashville in the spring.  And, when in Nashville, you can’t miss another weekend of monkey musical mayhem at the Saloon at the Seasons Lodge.brocoBoth Friday and Saturday, come check us out, starting at 8:30 both nights.  It’s state law.  Hope to see your smiling little faces!

Scott / The Blogging Pet Monkey