Going Down The Track To The Junction: 37 Junction!

Hey all:

Just completed a nice weekend at The Season’s Lodge in Nashville and made it out of town in front of the sleet, ice and snow. Also met some fine folks from all over Indiana (and Ohio and Kentucky too) and it’s great to get to interact with such a wide ranging audience. Thanks to all who made it out and kept us on our toes with requests ranging from ‘Cher’ to ‘Johnny B. Goode’.

p monk 37

This Saturday we’ll be heading somewhat south to a return trip to 37 Junction. We had a great time there in our first visit late last year and hope for more of the same this weekend.  Clicking here will get you a map of where to go, but it is easy to get to just off State Road 37 about halfway between Bedford and Bloomington.

The weather is expected to let up, so come get your ya-ya’s out and experieence some Pet Monkey mayhem.  I dare ya!

Scott / Your Blogging Monkey