A Rick Flick Birthday Perspective

Greetings Pet Monkey family:

I’m watching the Colts (7-7 as we speak) and putting down my thoughts on our show last night at the Seasons Lodge Saloon.  At the end of the first set, we brought out a special birthday cake and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to our Mr. Everything RIck Flick.


Since Pet Monkey’s inception about 3 1/2 years ago, RIck has been our assistant in terms of equipment set-up and tear down, stage management, T-shirt vendor and assisting with front-of-house sound and lighting.  Basically, whatever makes our on stage jobs easier, Rick is there to selflessly do what needs done.  Rick and I were in the same 4th grade class and, as long as I have known him, Rick gives of himself, his talents and his time.  These are the qualities that make Rick such a valued member of our team, as well as the team of Van Buren firefighters and EMTs.

I have to admit, when I am spouting off on our website about our shows, I frequently mention my fellow band mates and many times have stores of our special friends, family and fans.  But I seldom take the time to delve into likely our most  valuable friend, fan and member of the Pet Monkey family: Rick Flick.


Rick, thanks today and every day for all you do in support of what we do.  From the bottom of our hearts, you are a valuable team member and a dear, dear friend.

Come on out this evening to the Seasons Lodge for our Saturday show starting at 8:30 and, if you do, give Rick a pat on the back.  We think he’s golden!

Scott / The Blogging Monkey