New Year’s Eve 2013 in Review

I’m on the sofa watching hockey and collecting my thoughts on a spectacular New Year’s Eve in Nashville.  I knew we were in for a special evening when we arrived around 7:30 and there were already big groups awaiting our 9:00 start.  By the time we began I counted only two small tables still empty and I understand those were gone shortly there after.  Notice this first picture, many empty seats and one might thing the attendance was lacking.


Upon reviewing the second photo, you can see that the dance floor next to the stage is packed to overflowing with those sitting in those chairs.  It was crazy how many folks danced on some of the songs.  Todd’s version of ‘Fields Of Gold’ had the dance floor full and spontaneous dancing breaking out all over the saloon.


The Season’s Staff was up to the task, keeping revelers satisfied and getting the party favors and champagne out with impeccable timing.  When New Year’s arrived, Doug and Todd led the crowd in singing Auld Lang Syne while I got a kiss and a sip of the bubbly from my beautiful wife Jessica!  What a great moment.

At 1:00 we said our goodbyes and the guests heading up to their rooms for a well deserved rest.  I tried to get around to every table, but if I missed you, thanks on behalf of the band for joining us and making the evening so memorable.

Pet Monkey is back for more music and mayhem this coming weekend  If you are planning a reprise trip to Nashville throughout the year, check the Season’s Lodge schedule and come back on a weekend when we are playing.  We usually are on the stage in the saloon about one weekend a month.

We truly hope you enjoyed your evening and look forward to seeing you as soon and as often as possible in 2014.

Scott / Your Blogging Pet Monkey