The record of past good times and the promise of more dead ahead

Greetings Pet Monkey friends and fans, old and  new!

Just completed a weekend at The Saloon at the Season’s Lodge in Nashville and, with the influx of people in Nashville for the beautiful Brown County sights, scenery and activities, we met and played for folks from all over the Midwest (and a large contingent from Cincinnati) as well as our good friends from the area.   A very special thank you to the Shumann (sp?)sisters from the Cincy area.  It was great to have all of you ‘clogging’ up our dance floor!

seas1 seas2 seas3 seas4 seas5


We are taking the weekend off (as a band) but will be convening in November for a weekend at the Cedar Rock Haunted Trail in Bean Blossom, a couple weekends back-to-back at The Season’s Lodge in Nashville, the Friday after Thanksgiving at The Player’s Pub in Bloomington and the following evening at Junction 37, just off of State Road 37 just south of Harodsburg.

Everyone have a great fall and we really hope to see you once or twice (or more) this coming month.  All of you make it great when we get to do what we do.

Yours in the Monkey,