Big Time In B-Town This Saturday Night!

Been busy here.  Worked every day M-F this month and have played every Friday and Saturday night and even 3 of 4 Sundays.  So with the month ending this weekend, I say ‘let’s party’!  And what better party place in Bloomington this Saturday than at The Player’s Pub on South Walnut Street with Pet Monkey?  It’s gonna be a great time to dance, drink, laugh and eat, not in any particular order.



So call a friend, put a few bucks in your pocket and grab your dancing shoes.  You provide you, and we’ll take care of the rest.  From one monkey to another, every now and then you just have to get wild to remind you of the good times before captivity!  Trust me pal…Saturday night IS that time!

Y’all be cool!


Scott (The Return of the Blogging Monkey)