Season’s Lodge…T-Minus Two Days…

Hey there friends,

Just two weeks ago Pet Monkey had one of the most AMAZING two-nighters in our musical history at the Saloon at Season’s Lodge in Nashville.  Well, 13 days later, we’re back for more great times.  As usual, we’ll get the show started around 8:30 and have 4 sets of (Pet) Monkey mayhem.  If you made it out for either Friday or Saturday night, we especially want to invite you back and ask you to bring a friend.  We’ll find room for everyone, I assure you!

Bundle up.  It’s chilly out there lately.  Grab your mittens, don your hat and button up that coat.  But when we see you this weekend, take it all back off for a hot night of dancing and music. 

Until then,

Scott (your Blogging monkey)