Pet Monkey Nirvana in Nashville!

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Last weekend’s show at the Saloon at the Season’s Lodge in Nashville were something we will long remember.  The Friday night crowd was a nice group for a Friday and we all had a great time, with many promising to return for the Saturday show.  And they sure did.

Before the Saturday show, David and I had the chance to get to the IU drubbing of the Boilermakers and that got our day off on the right foot.  Before we started playing, the college basketball gods had smiled on me by having my 5 favorite teams win: IU, Butler, whoever is playing Purdue, whoever is playing Duke and whoever is playing Kentucky!  By the time we took the stage, the room was nearly full as was the overflow room and the overflow overflow room!  WHAT A GREAT CROWD!!!  Lots of fans sporting their Pet Monkey t-shirts and a special thanks to superfan Connie, who brought a couple containers of homemade cookies for us to devour.  We had friends old and new come out and, for the Saturday show alone, I saw people who had been at shows at at least five other venues.The ‘Stump-the-Monkey segments were a hoot both nights and the dance floor on Saturday was occupied and full almost every song.  To top it off the Hall newlyweds and their wedding party crashed the show and took the evening over the top!

Thanks to Tom and the staff at the Season’s for making everyone’s time a great one!  We had so much fun that we decided to do it again the weekend after this one, on March 1st and 2nd.

I tried hard to thank and acknowledge everyone who made it out, but if I missed you, thanks so much from the bottom of our collective Pet Monkey hearts.  Let’s do it all again soon friends!

Bloggingly yours,