HBG Down…Saloon @ Season’s To Go

Ash Wednesday Greetings!

I hope you all are gearing up for a Mardi Gras  like week of festivities in Central Indiana:

Tuesday: Fat Tuesday (I had the Cajun Stuffed Peppers)

Wednesday:  Ash Wednesday (they are on my forehead as I type)

Thursday:  Valentine’s Day (not ready to give any details up at this time)

Friday: OPENING NIGHT: Pet Monkey at the Saloon at the Season’s Lodge in Nashville!

Saturday: Dave Webb and I in the stands for a predicted beat-down of Purdue by the Hoosiers at Assembly Hall. (Tickets a Christmas present from my wife…Thanks Jessica!)

Saturday: CLOSING NIGHT: Pet Monkey at the Saloon at the Season’s Lodge in Nashville!

Sunday: Church and recovery


As expected, it was a fine evening of music, monkeys, Dinner and Drinks at the Hoosier Bar & Grill last Saturday.  We all really enjoy shows at this venue as it is a prime opportunity to run into friends from our hometown and school.  Thanks to everyone for coming out.  Our crowd was so enthusiastic and we saw quite a few sporting Pet Monkey t-shirts!  Drummer Todd was a bit under the weather so thanks brother for gutting it out.


I hope to hear all about your week-long shenanigans this weekend.  Y’all be cool and we’ll be seeing you soon!

Primately yours,