Chillin’ Before the (Hoosier Bar) Grillin’

Sup Pet Monkey followers?  Me?  I’m just sitting here taking in the 24/7 pregame coverage before this evening’s Super Bowl contest and catching up on some music administrative duties I’ve been neglecting.

For one, I’m updating our calendar a few new Pet Monkey shows we’ve recently added.  We’ve got a few new festival shows on the schedule and are looking to hook up a few more.  We get a kick out of playing the club scene, but we really enjoy playing those all ages shows too.

We’re also getting ready for a fun night of music and monkey mayhem from the Hoosier Bar & Grill west of Bloomington this coming Saturday.  Every show we’ve done in this room has been fun and somewhat of a reunion show for those of us with friends and family in Ellettsville and Bloomington.  Hope you can make this show.  If not, bring your Valentine out for a special dance with Pet Monkey at The Saloon at The Season’s Lodge in Nashville.  The food at both of these clubs is top notch so plan on coming hungry and leaving happy.

We’ve got a practice upcoming so if you have a song that you you think fits nicely in the Pet Monkey wheelhouse, drop us a line and let us know!

Hope to see you all soon and, if you didn’t already know, you’re all our Pet Monkey Valentines!

valentine monk