Thanks, Thanksgiving and Dessert

Hey friends:

I want to again thank those making it out to Seasons Lodge last weekend for both the Pet Monkey show Friday and my Scott Strange So Low Acoustic show on Saturday.  I met some great folks and had the chance to play some of our favorite songs.  Can’t beat that!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving finds the full Pet Monkey lineup for our inaugural performance at CG’s Sports Pub on State Road 135 in downtown Bargersville.  It’s a club that’s easy to find, has a nice sized stage and dance floor and promises to be a good time for all.  Say ‘no’ to one more cold turkey leg on Saturday night and come out and hang with us!

With Thanksgiving only hours away, allow me the latitude to get sentimental.  To our 130ish (at least on Facebook) fans, thanks for the support, thanks for the ride, and thanks for all the times in the coming year that, in our haste to pack up and load out, we miss the chance to express our appreciation again.  All your kindness, kind words and smiles make our investment in money and time worthwhile.

To Dave, Todd, Tyler, Doug and our road manager Rick, I personally want you all to know how much your friendship is valued.  Looking across the stage and knowing that we all share in the Pet Monkey experience, through high times and low times, makes our bond strong.  For your efforts and friendship, I am truly thankful.

Lastly, to our families, who endure many a weekend night either sitting in the crowd or being home alone, thank you for allowing us all to pursue our passion.  For all of us, knowing you support this endeavor means so much.

May everyone enjoy a splendid Thanksgiving, pass around the Pet Monkey hugs and kisses, and we hope to see your turkey-loving butt in one of CG’s seats this Saturday.

Peace to all,