A (Port)Hole Lotta Fun…Now On To A Weekend In Brown County!

After watching another IU Football victory as we set-up, the Pet Monkey boys were in the mood to party.  Luckily, the audience was in the mood as well.  A bevy of dancing beauties kept the dance floor smoking all night long.  Pet Monkey also wants to extend a personal ‘thank you’ to Tammy, a server at the Players Pub who made her way to The Porthole for an evening of Monkey mayhem.  We’re back on the very same stage the first weekend of December and hope to get an even bigger turnout that show.

This weekend begins a three show engagement at the Seasons Lodge in Nashville.  The shows start at 8:30 and, in addition to the great food served in the bar, Season’s has one of Nashville’s finer restaurants right next to the bar.  A scheduling conflict kept the full Pet Monkey Band from playing the second Saturday evening, but I’ll be bringing my Scott Strange So Low Show for a Saturday only engagement on November 17.

On  personal note, I’m typing this as my wife Jessica and I are watching the election returns and, I must say, I am SO enjoying an evening of TV without the mindless, endless Mourdock vs. Donnelly commercials.   I kind of miss the Ray Skillman “Stack ’em deep and sell ’em cheap” ads.  Where is that slack-jawed yokel from Goodwill wanting me to the thin the shirt herd in my closet?  I don’t even know what the latest menu item / crap they are shilling at Taco Bell is currently.  THIS DAMN ELECTION HAS GOT ME OUT OF TOUCH WITH INDIANA POP CULTURE!!!!!

Y’all enjoy the week and we hope to fist bump with you this weekend in Nashville!

Bless each and every one of you!