A Wild Halloween Party, and Now a Party on the Lakeshore

Pet Monkey as the Village People

Last Saturday night at Hoosier Bar & Grill in Bloomington was a Pet Monkey show for the ages.  The fellas morphed into “Macho Men”, donning Village People garb and even playing a funky rendition of “YMCA”.  It was fun and the crowd also wore some excellent costumes as well.  Thanks to all who came out and partied and thanks also to Betsy and the HBG staff for all the hospitality.

This coming Saturday evening has us at The Porthole Inn for a night of lakeside fun, great food and Pet Monkey music.  Clicking on the ‘Schedule” page gets you a link to the Porthole website and their address.  Our last visit here was great and the folks were great to spend the evening with.  I hope some of you guys can make it out.  And try the catfish!

On a personal note, if you like Lobster, I’ll be playing Friday evening for Hotel Nashville’s ‘Lobsterfest’ (Surf & Turf: $26).  Check out http://www.scottstrange.com for more details.

Make sure to keep your coat zipped and lets rendezvous soon!