Player’s Pub Countdown: T- minus 6 days and counting…

Hey there Monkey brethren:

We’re shining up our guitars and warming up our amps (and Doug is spit-shining his keyboard) as we get ready for this Saturday’s show at Bloomington’s Player’s Pub.  We’ll be turning on the stage lights for an 8:00 start. Come on out and join us for some monkey fun and a great time!  This is the place to show your face:

Also, we’ll be making a quick turn for a show at Phat Guys in North Vernon on Friday, August 31st.  It’s a new venue for us and those interested in a nice road trip across the Indiana countryside or those in the Jackson County area, please make your plans now to make it out for your last chance for good times in August.

Finally, after a successful (and highly fun and entertaining) debut at The Porthole Inn on the shores of Lake Lemon, Pet Monkey has scheduled shows back there in November and December.

Everyone have themselves a spectacular week and we’ll be hoping to see you all soon.

Monkey love to all….Scott