Good Times on The Lake Lemon Shore at The Port Hole Inn

Hey there Pet Monkey followers:

Just wanted to give a brief review of our show this weekend at The Port Hole Inn.

For starters, part of our compensation package included dinner and all our food was outstanding (my burger tasted like it was cooked on a charcoal grill).

The crowd was good from the beginning but, as the night went on, the room packed and the dance floor got crowded.  We winged it through a couple tunes we don’t normally do and Donnie the manager even got up to sing his favorite Mellencamp song.  As for the stage, it was small but we brought smaller gear and, all in all, it was nice and intimate.  Thanks to all the Port Hole staff and patrons who made us feel so welcome.  We hope to play The Porthole room again for a show in November or December.  Trust me, you’ll be the first one I tell.

Pet Monkey has a couple weeks of before shows coming up toward the end of August at The Player’s Pub in B-Town and  Phat Guy’s in North Vernon.  Until them, stay out of trouble and we’ll hope to see you soon.

Scott – The Blogging Monkey