Post-Jake’s, Pre-Porthole, and an Extra Review (or Two)

Hey Everybody:

Greetings from inside the Monkey cage where the weekend was fast and furious and the good times rolled.

Friday night found the band at our show at Jake’s in Bloomington.  The owners, the staff and the patrons all treated us like family and, for that, we are truly appreciative.  The stage was right up front and, the next time we’re playing there, it will be in their back room, which is undergoing a huge renovation.  Jake’s will be closed for the next couple weeks, but once it reopens, stop on by to see the great work they have been doing to renovate one of B-Town’s most famous night spots.

Our show next Friday is at Lake Lemon’s Porthole Inn and since it burned and was rebuilt since any of us had been, we headed out for dinner, drinks and some great blues by Bloomington’s Below Zero Blues Band.  The food was spot on…steaks, chops, tenderloins and, their specialty, catfish.  It was all tasty and nicely priced.  They guys in the band were great to us and they all rocked the full and friendly crowd that had gathered.  We’re hoping to have a nice crowd there as well so get some friends together and come on out.  It was about 20 minutes north and east (thanks Tim) of Bloomington and, from my Trafalgar front door, about 25.  The wooded and beautiful drive on the way out was nice as well.

Thanks again to all our friends and fans who support us in every way…you guys are the true rock stars.  Until we see you again, may all your sailing be smooth.

Your friend in Monkey Mayhem,