The Latest on the Pet Monkey Crew

Long time, no blog so I wanted to get everyone caught up with the guys while we are in vacation mode and eagerly awaiting our debut show at Jake’s in Bloomington later in July.

This time of the year we’re all spending a bit of time with the family so when Season’s Lodge called with an opening this Friday, Pet Monkey was unavailable.  That, however, allowed the Scott Strange So Low Show to book the night.  It’s the venue where Dave and I started playing many years ago and if you can make it to Nashville that night, I start at 8:30.

Be it leaving on a long trip to South Carolina (Doug) or a weekend trip to play the ponies at Churchill Downs (me), or finalizing planning on a new adventure soon (Todd), or helping your son get his new boat sea-worthy (Dave) or just playing music at every opportunity and hanging out with the hottest chick at Menard’s (Tyler) we’re all keeping busy and enjoying the summer.  That said, we’re working individually on new songs and preparing to hit the late summer and fall with a Pet Monkey  vengeance.

I hope everyone is having a fun, safe, spectacular time and, if you keep Pet Monkey in your thoughts, we promise to keep you in ours.

Wear your sunscreen and we’ll see you all soon.

Scott / The Blogging Pet Monkey