A Look Back To Perry Street

I must say, getting to Perry Street Tavern in Medora is somewhat of a haul for most of us in Pet Monkey, but once we got there last Saturday, we felt right at home.  A great crowd, lots of dancing, requests of songs we knew and some fabulous Jackson County hospitality made it a special evening.  Tyler and I made our way through the crowd to meet everyone and truly appreciated everyone’s kind words. Chelsey took my Nikon and got some great shots of us with the new lighting and we were very pleased with our reconfigured sound system designed for clubs this size.  Although it made for a sleepy Sunday (I almost slept through the Pacer game),it was a fantastic trip.

Another thing bringing a smile to my face is a new gig at a new venue.  Todd has booked us at a place called “Phat Guys” in North Vernon, just minutes away from Seymour and I-65.  It’s the last day of August and we can’t wait.

My day job took me by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Monday and it was sweet to hear the cars inside zooming by,  The speedway, rolled down windows, Mug & Bun Root Beer, the smell of flowers and the sound of Pet Monkey.  I do believe spring is in the air!  Enjoy every moment everybody!