The Completion of the Circle

Tonight I had the pleasure to book a Pet Monkey show at Jake’s Nightclub in Bloomington.  It kind of brings David Webb and my musical journeys full circle.  Many years and a few pounds each ago, David and i played in a band called the Jay Michals Band and had the chance to play many Bloomington area venues  But the pinnacle gig of the day was Jake’s.  We were able to get a few Monday night shows when the cover charge was cheap and the drinks were cheaper but we craved a bigger show there.  Since most of our friends at the time were more interested in the ratio of drinks per dollar as opposed to the amount of hours left before work the next day, getting weeknight fans was never a great issue.

One day, our big…er bigger break came.  We were booked to play immediately following the Chippendale’s dancers on a Thursday night.  In our minds, it was to be an epic gig.  We set up before the dancers and crowd arrived and we planned to start right after the dancers cleared the stage.  When we  arrived for the show the parking lot was full and a line of guys waited at the door, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to put the make on ladies likely still hot from the dirty dancing they just witnessed.

Then it happened:  the dancers left and, as they fellas were making their way into Jake’s, the hotties were making their way out.  As per our plan, we took the stage immediately, to a half-full room of disappointed single guys.

Lesson learned.  From that very night, I’ve turned down every opportunity to open for a male dance revue.  So, needless to say, July 27th at Jake’s will just be us, and hopefully, you as well.  And David Webb and I having a smile at coming full circle as friends and musicians.