Hoosier Bar & Grill: On the knob of good times, this one goes to ’11’

Pet Monkey @ Hoosier Bar & GrillIt’s Sunday morning after last night’s show at Hoosier Bar & Grill and, although I’m still a bit groggy, I couldn’t wait to get my thoughts about last night on paper…er whatever the material monitor screens are made of.

After the set-up, we had some of the fine HBG food (the flat iron steak is NOT to be missed!) and got ready to rock.  Old friends crawled out of the wood work and some even brought their friends.  Add to that some great new Pet Monkey fans (Happy Birthday to Dana and her wild bunch) and the mix was set for a spectacular night.  The bar had some awesome lighting effects which made the electricity even higher.   We even had a few Pet Monkey shirts and shot glassed as giveaways for our guests.

As for the music, we had the opportunity to play some of the newer songs we had been working on and, with the help of Gary on the sound board, we we pulled most of the songs off to our satisfaction.  We played longer sets (we only took two breaks for a 4-hour show) but, even after playing for 75 minutes, we were having so much fun we hated to stop.  An added bonus: drummer Todd Bessinger’s birthday started at midnight, so we got the entire crowd to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to both Todd and Dana.

To all the new folks we met last night: thanks for coming out and thanks for your kind, kind words.  We truly appreciate it.  Thanks as well to Eric Vance from Vance’s Music for your help during our sound check and thanks once again to Rick Flick for, well for everything.  A big ‘thank you’ shout out to Josh Collier for being our door guy.  Let me also say ‘thank you’ to my wife Jessica, who last night multi-tasked between being the photographer and t-shirt salesperson.  Thanks also to Betsy and the entire Hoosier Bar & Grill staff who took such great care of our fans and enjoyed everything so much that we’ll be playing there again for the Halloween Party on Saturday, October 27th.

Our next Pet Monkey show is, as it stands today, at the Player’s Pub the last weekend in May.  We hope all of the HBG crowd can make it out and tell your friends.  For us, we really do enjoy playing music and have a great time even at rehearsal.  But, when you factor in an unbelievable audience like we had last night, it makes all the hard work and investment of time and money worthwhile.  Once again, our thanks.

Hope to see you all again soon, but until then, keep a real big smile on your little monkey face!