One Saturday down, one to go

Well, first things first.  Thanks to the guys and gals at Medora’s Perry Street Tavern, who welcomed the Pet Monkey entourage to their little corner of Jackson county last Saturday.  We had Todd’s old friend and our new friend Gary running our sound so that freed us all up to concentrate on the music.  Playing in a new venue is sometimes a bit nerve wrecking, but the good folks on Perry Street made us feel right at home.  It is also always comforting to have our good friend and stage manager Rick Flick in the house, making sure all the ‘I”s are dotted and ‘T’s crossed.  Thanks again Rick and Gary.

This Saturday finds us mere minutes from the homes of over half our band (Doug, Tyler and Dave).  Even cooler, Monkey fans, is the fact that this show now starts at 9:00 and ends at 1:00, an hour earlier than we originally thought.  This is a nice club, smack dab in between B-Town and Ellettsville in Richland Plaza.  Make sure to check out the ,media page to see some great new Pet Monkey pictures (taken by Chelsey and edited by Jessica).

Hope to see you Saturday.  If not, we’ll need a written excuse!