Pet Monkey: Up And Down In Under Par At Caddies!

Todd and friend catching up in front of our Caddies set-up

Just getting up and moving after a late but great night playing at Caddies in Columbus.  This is a great club.  We played on one end of the facility and they had a dance club with a DJ on the other end, and pool tables and dart games throughout.  Can’t say enough about the kindness of the staff, as everyone treated us like the rock stars we used to dream of being.

This is a first class stage set up as well.  Caddies has a big, professional sound system and an impressive light show with scanners and LED lights.  It was awesome to play through.  This was a show close enough to Todd’s neck of the woods that it allowed him to have a sizable contingent of friends and family join us.  We also got to meet some new friends and fans and Pet Monkey sure appreciates the kind words everyone had regarding our show.  The music went well and, before we knew it, the show was over and it was time to pack up until next time.  We don’t have a specific follow-up date on the books yet, but look for a Friday evening in April for our Caddies return.

We have some irons in the fire with some other central Indiana clubs, so keep your monkey ears open (by checking our website regularly) and we’ll keep you up to date on what’s up.  By the same token, if you know of a club in your area that you think would be a good fit for Pet Monkey mayhem, drop us a line  .Until the next time, my little troop of monkeys, peace, love and happiness.