Late Night At “The Vid”…Reaching New Fans And Seeing New Sights

Playing the 11:00 pm – 3:00 am show in downtown B-town at The Vid (The Video Saloon) was quite an experience.  When I last lived in Bloomington in the late 80’s, I lived four blocks from downtown.  That being said, late night Bloomington has changed dramatically in the last 20 or so years.  The area on Walnut Street from 6th Street that runs for about a block and a half contains many late night bars (Bluebird, The Vid, Scotty’s and Kilroy’s) and many late night street eating options.  We had a loyal following of Pet Monkey fans out early and, later in the show, our friends from Cafe Pizzaria and Player’s Pub showed up to help us close out the night.  Playing until 3:00 every night would be a hard thing to do, but to do it this time and see the sights we saw made this gig feel like an adventure.

Thanks again to our old fans and our new ones and we’re happy to make space for you on the Pet Monkey bandwagon,.