From its origins in the summer of 2011, Pet Monkey was  pieced together with musician acquaintances of bassist David Webb.  Drummer Todd Bessinger, lead guitarist Doc Lockridge, and keyboardist Doug Hanscom had recently played with David in a band called “Rodeo Joe”, while guitarist Scott Strange had played years ago with Webb in “The Jay Michals Band.”

Pet Monkey has been playing 30-40 shows per year and has an avid following. From Scottsburg to Greenwood to Orleans to Indianapolis, the Pet Monkey boys have wooed audiences large and small in a variety of venues and situations.  Playing classic rock hits from the 60’s to the 80’s, the band also mixes in a bit of country, funk and dance music.  The goal for any Pet Monkey event is mucho fun, great music, and continuous dancing.

We hope you take the opportunity to see for yourself what all the Monkey mayhem is all about.  Get on out to an upcoming Pet Monkey show.  You can come by yourself…or bring your prime mate!

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