Front to back…Nashville, Indiana

Friends, friends friends:

Just wanted to get some Post-show photos up from last weekend’s two-nighter in Nashville at the Seasons Lodge.

seasonsapr1 seasonsapr3 seasonsapr4

Both nights we had great friends who dropped in from Bloomington and Martinsville and our buddy Tony Hopkins (show above with his beautiful wife) joined the fellas on stage for a couple songs.  It’s always a treat when we get to add Tony’s sweet voice to our show.  Here’s a shot of the band just to show our festive mood off as well:



Pet Monkey proper will be off a few weeks to allow some of the guys to get out of town before our summer schedule heats up.  As for me and my So-Low Acoustic Show, I have two more nights in Nashville this weekend.  On Friday the 11th, see me at the Chateau Thomas Winery from 7:00 – 10:00.  It’s a great room and everything is better with wine, even my music.  On Saturday the 12th, I’ll be flying solo in the Saloon at Seasons Lodge beginning at 8:30.

I hope to see you all at some point this weekend and be getting ready for some amazing Pet Monkey shows at some amazing new venues all month long in May!

Until then,

Scott / Your Blogging Pet Monkey

First Weekend in April: Seasons Lodge Bound!

seasons sign

What’s up friends and fans:

Just a brief message about our next set of shows at the amazing Seasons Lodge in Nashville.  We’ll be taking the stage at 8:30 both Friday and Saturday and have some new songs to add to our standard list of favorites and classics.  All the rain today and in the morning tomorrow should have things starting to turn green in scenic Brown County so come early and check out all the vistas and the downtown area.  Friday night st the Seasons is Prime Rib Buffet night so come eat, drink and be merry with the guys from Pet Monkey!

We hope to see you all soon so, enjoy the change in the weather and come see us real soon!

Scott / Your Blogging Pet Monkey

Bedford’s Shorty’s Den: More Like Bed-Rockin’!

Hey gang:

I recovered well today from a rockin’ show at Shorty’s Den in Bedford last night.  The crowd was plentiful and the dancing was nearly non-stop.  The folks there knew how to have a great time and we appreciated their enthusiasm!  We got to do a few new (to Pet Monkey) songs such as ‘Baby Come Back’, ‘Love Train’ and ‘Sara Smile’ and they appeared to go over well.  Thanks so much to the great staff at Shorty’s and the wheels are in motion for us to re-book an engagement here in the near future.  Here are a few pictures of the fun we had:

short1 short2 short3

This weekend finds Pet Monkey back in the friendly confines of the Saloon at Seasons Lodge in Nashville.  Spring in Nashville is quite a sight and so come spend the day, find some great local fare for dinner (such as the dining room at the Seasons) and make it out to the Saloon in time for our 8:30 start.

Until the next time we meet, enjoy the nicer weather and do something nice for someone you love.


Scott / Your Blogging Pet Monkey

Monkey Boo Boo


Well gang, a bit of miscommunication between the Seasons Lodge staff and the band led to Pet Monkey thinking we were playing this weekend and the bar intending someone else to play.  Hopefully, no harm / no foul.  Those wanting to see Pet Monkey again at the Seasons Lodge in Nashville will have to wait until the first weekend in April (4th and 5th).

In order to get your Monkey grove in the meantime, you are invited to our inaugral show at Shorty’s Den in Bedford on March 29th.  This is an intimate club but, from what I’ve seen, bands are very well received here.  We’re looking forward to rocking out there and we hope to see some of our older and newer friends there as well.


The Monkey Men are ready for the spring and summer and we have some exciting new venues and music to unveil.  Please take an opportunity to come check out all the good things that our hard work is bringing our way.  Doing it all for you…that’s what we aim to do!

Scott / Your blogging Pet Monkey

Post-Junction Wrap and a Pre-Seasons Primer

Last Saturday evening we had to compete with the BNL Lady Star’s trip to the state championship game, but we still had a large and loud crowd at the 37 Junction on March 8.


Our good friend Amy joined us onstage for a cool rendition of the Carole King song “It’s Too Late” and she sings like a bird.  A very hip and sassy bird!  We also celebrated Rick’s wife Angie’s birthday.  But the big hit was our monkeys, both the stuffed and the inflated varities.  Lot’s of picture taken.



All in all, with BNL girls bringing home the title and some fans joining us for a victory nightcap, the Junction was the place to be in Judah!

As the buds form on the trees and the birds begin singing, the nice weather always brings out great crowds to Nashville in the spring.  And, when in Nashville, you can’t miss another weekend of monkey musical mayhem at the Saloon at the Seasons Lodge.brocoBoth Friday and Saturday, come check us out, starting at 8:30 both nights.  It’s state law.  Hope to see your smiling little faces!

Scott / The Blogging Pet Monkey

Going Down The Track To The Junction: 37 Junction!

Hey all:

Just completed a nice weekend at The Season’s Lodge in Nashville and made it out of town in front of the sleet, ice and snow. Also met some fine folks from all over Indiana (and Ohio and Kentucky too) and it’s great to get to interact with such a wide ranging audience. Thanks to all who made it out and kept us on our toes with requests ranging from ‘Cher’ to ‘Johnny B. Goode’.

p monk 37

This Saturday we’ll be heading somewhat south to a return trip to 37 Junction. We had a great time there in our first visit late last year and hope for more of the same this weekend.  Clicking here will get you a map of where to go, but it is easy to get to just off State Road 37 about halfway between Bedford and Bloomington.

The weather is expected to let up, so come get your ya-ya’s out and experieence some Pet Monkey mayhem.  I dare ya!

Scott / Your Blogging Monkey

2 Nights / 2 Shows / 2 Much Fun

Hey Monkey gang:

Last Saturday we invaded the Spencer American Legion and met some honest to goodness fine folks from Owen County and had a great time at our first Spencer Show in a long while.  Although we missed our light guy and stage manager Rick, we made it out unscathed.  We’re looking forward to a return visit later this year.

That brings me to a late breaking weekend of Monkey Fun  at the Saloon at Seasons Lodge this weekend, with both shows starting at 8:30.  We’re planning on a great time and hope you can make it out one night or the other to join in the festivities.

We’re open to song suggestions as we are adding some new tunes to the list.  Come on out and let us know what you have in mind.

Click here to see a GREAT monkey joke video!

C Ya Soon!

Scott / Your Blogging Monkey