Brown County Playhouse: Going Bananas With Pet Monkey This New Year’s Eve



This is now official and up on their website, so I wanted to announce our New Year’s Eve Show this year in Nashville at the Brown County Playhouse.  This promises to be a fun venue for a New Year’s Eve party for the entire family.  You can read more about it here and there is even a link to purchase tickets.  If you’ve never been in there, the Brown County Playhouse is a great theater-style venue but we’ll make sure to have plenty of room for dancing!

Around the beginning of October I’ll have more info to release.  We hope you consider this option for a fun and affordable New Year’s Eve party in one of Indiana’s most beautiful destinations.

Mallow Run Winery Wrap-Up: “Two Thumbs Up”


What a fantastic evening we had with our premier performance at Mallow Run Winery in Bargersville yesterday.  When day broke Saturday, the clouds were thick and the temperature was low.  But, as afternoon came, the clouds parted and we got a bit more heat than anticipated.  Once there, the stage was nice sized and we brought a bit more sound gear than normal to be able to satisfy the larger crowds we hoped would arrive.

mallow4 mallow5

Our thanks to the folks at Mallow Run for bringing in a bevy of local food trucks that brought out even more people.  We had huge group of friends and Pet Monkey fans out in support, but the trucks and nice weather brought an estimated crowd of 500 or so. With no true sound check, it took us a song or two to get everything dialed in, but once that happened, we just started doing our Monkey thang.  Kids, grandparents and everyone in between were all out enjoying the festivities.  By about half way through our second set, a huge group began to spontaneously dance right in front of the stage.

mallow1 mallow3

Before you knew it, we had sang our last song and then an encore and it was time to tear down and go,  For all of us, it was a special night and we appreciate all the new listeners we met and played for.  Hopefully, we’ll see some of you soon at another Pet Monkey event.


Next week, aside from my So-Low Acoustic Show on Friday in Franklin, Pet Monkey sits silent.  The weekend after that, we re-invade Johnson County for two more shows. Pet Monkey plays Whit’s Inn in Whiteland for the first time on Friday night from 9:00 – 1:00.   Then on Saturday we are back at St. Rose Catholic School in Franklin for their fall festival from 5:30 to 7:30.  Until then, be good to each other and, as always, thanks for your support.

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey

A Bit More on the Pet Monkey Mallow Run Winery Show



Two more days until our premier performance at Mallow Run Winery in Bargersville.  The winery is outside Bargersville proper off Whiteland Road and by clicking here you can find a Google map showing you the location.  There is a sign at State Road 37 and Whiteland Road directing you to the facility.

We’ll be playing from 5:00 – 8:00 and there will be a selection of Food Trucks there for your enjoyment, in addition to some amazing wine and cheese plates.  Bring a blanket, bring some lawn chairs and, in light of the cool evenings forecast for this weekend, maybe bring a light jacket or sweater.  In fact, if you are coming to my So-Low show this evening in the Hotel Nashville Gazebo, you may want to bring a sweater as well.

We’re hoping that this show, in addition to a few other shows we are doing later this month, will help us gain a foothold with the fine folks of Johnson County and the Indianapolis south side.  We’d sure appreciate your patronage and feel confident that you and your friends will feel welcome by Pet Monkey and appreciate our classic  rock tunes.  We hope you can make it.  In any case. make it a great weekend!

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey

It’s Here! (from

Hey everybody,

I was nosing around on that big fat world wide web this morning and ran across this:







Mobile eats & groovin’ beats!

Bring your lawn chairs and picnic blankets and enjoy some mobile meals on the lawn. Have fun exploring new tastes and pairings with your favorite Mallow Run wines while groovin’ to great local music!

Music by: Pet Monkey

Free admission. Complimentary wine tasting in the tasting room until 8pm. Food trucks will be parked along the lawn for your perusing pleasure! Wine and cheese plates will be available at The Shack on the patio. Wine available for purchase by the glass or bottle. All beer and non-Mallow Run alcohol prohibited by Indiana law.

I’ll have more on this as the week goes on, but I wanted to make sure everyone had ample notice about this show.

Make it a great Monday…the weather man is (for a change).

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey


Monkeys and Mooses All Good!

Howdy everyone!  


This past Saturday Pet Monkey invaded the Moose Lodge in Bloomington and a great time was had by all,  The crowd was great from start to finish and even though none of the fellas won the 50/50 drawing, we all left highly satisfied.  And, judging by the applause, the dancing and the follow-up shows booked for 2015, we were highly liked as well.

I’ve got a few Scott So-Low shows in Johnson County the next couple of weekends ( and once that is all over, Pet Monkey ramps back up with a couple more Johnson County shows at the Mallow Run Winery in Bargersville and at Whit’s Inn in Whiteland.  Both of those are new venues to Pet Monkey so, with this advance notice, think about if you could make it out to either of them.  Or both.

Drink lots of water this week, check me out for ‘STRANGEFEST’ at Mi Pueblo in Franklin this weekend, and come get your Pet Monkey Ya Ya’s out real soon.  And have a spectacular day my friends!

Scott / Your blogging Pet Monkey




Monkeys and Mooses…Mayhem in Bloomington this Saturday

Friends, fans and family,

First off, thanks to the dedicated Pet Monkey fans who made it out to our Gosport Lazy Days performance.  We played on a Thursday and it was a pretty good crowd for a weeknight.  Next year, we hope to graduate to the weekend and play for an even bigger group.  The weather looked shaky but it held out for us until the tear  down and load out.  Thanks as well to Bruce Payton and his crew for all the great sound and lighting.

monkey moose

This Saturday (August 23) finds us in Bloomington for a return to the Moose Lodge.  David and I played here years and years ago as the Jay Michals Band and it was a hoot every single time.  Click this to get a map to the Bloomington Moose Lodge.  Hope to see you Bloomington friends and fans.  The music venues for Pet Monkey music in B-Town appear to be dwindling  so this is a prime opportunity.  If you know of a room that could benefit from some Pet Monkey mayhem in Monroe County, drop us a line.  This Saturday’ show starts at 8:00.

Also, for any Indianapolis friends looking for a great venue to see me and my Scott’s So-Low Acoustic Show might want to check out the German American Klub off State Road 135 on the Indy south side this Friday on the 22nd.  I play from 6:00 until 9:00 and, if you are a fan of German cuisine, arrive ready to eat, drink and be merry.

Everyone enjoy what’s left of a mild summer and we hope to catch you (or you catch us) sometime real soon!

Scott / Your blogging Pet Monkey

A Beautiful Evening: Fourwinds Resort & Pet Monkey!

Greetings all:

I want to tell you about the AMAZING evening last night on the patio at the Fourwinds Resort on Lake Monroe.  We had a hefty slab of Pet Monkey fans and friends in attendance.  There was also a nice sized crowd of strangers that, by night’s end, we called our newest friends.  Upon arrival we decided to play outside as the chance of rain was almost zero.   As we were setting up the gear, this was our view:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The patio packed to standing room only for a big part of the evening.  Some folks even brought their own lawn chairs!  Girls in bikinis and dogs on leashes are not typically standard fare at a Pet Monkey show, but they were prevalent here.  Our large stuffed gorilla was offensive to one of the little dogs walking past our stage and his growl showed his displeasure.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

As the evening  wore on, more and more people filled the patio and the dancers found empty places to boogie all over the place.  We catered our show’s last set to the people dancing and made sure to make it filled with music to keep them on their feet.  When it was over, I met fine folks from B-Town, Terre Haute, Greencastle and from as far away as Florida.  We all agreed it was a great place and a great way to spend a summer’s night. (Oh well, oh well, oh well, oh well…)

Next up for the Pet Monkey crew:  a Thursday evening at the Gosport Lazy Days Festival.  We’ll shoot for an 8:00 start time.  Hope you can drag your Lazy Days butt off the couch and come see us!

Until then, don’t step on any bees and bee nice to your honey!

Scott Strange / Your blogging Pet Monkey