Thanks to you. And you. Oh, and you too!

As we approach Thanksgiving, we just wanted to thank those of you that keep the Pet Monkey train moving down the track.  To our friends, our families and our fans, we appreciate you more than you ever know.

We also appreciated the good times we experienced last Saturday at Edinburgh’s Tasty Shop II.  We got to rock-it with a new crowd and that’s always fun.  Here’s a pic of us on their stage and another of Sandy the bartender / waitress who kept everyone happy throughout the night.tasty1 tasty2Next up is a road trip to Scottsburg for a return engagement at ‘The HIll’.  Our first trip down last summer was lots of fun and we are looking forward to doing it again on December 6th.

In the meantime, I’ll have my So-Low Acoustic Show at the Edelweiss Restaurant on November 21st and clicking here brings you all the details.

Lastly, here is another reminder to get on board the Pet Monkey Train for New Year’s Eve at the Brown County Playhouse in Nashville.  It’s an all ages family event with great food and beverage options.  This link will get you more info and put you swhere you can buy tickets direct.  Hopefully Hotel Nashville will have its New Year’s Eve Package announced soon and I’ll bring all those details to you once they are released.

Hope to see you all soon.  Stay safe and warm and enjoy your Turkey Day!

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey

Next Stop: Tasty Shop!

Hello Pet Monkey friends:

We’re adding new shows for  2015, but want to thank Alan Kinser and the 37 Junction crew for the awesome Saturday night we had last weekend.


37junct2 37junct3

A new ownership and a new attitude help make the whole night rock.  Alan and I grew up just down the street from each other and it was great to be surprised by him and his parents Bill and Linda.  It was also great to see him and his wife dancing on the bar.  The hi-energy audience danced and danced and almost molested George, our inflatable monkey.  We sure look forward to a return date sometime early next year.

This Saturday we are invading Edinburgh for the first time on the stage at the Tasty Shop II.  We hope some of our Johnson and Bartholomew County friends and fans can make it out to help fill the dance floor with ‘monkey mayhem’,  We have few new tunes to roll out so come on out and support live music in Edinburgh.  I bet you like it.  I bet you!

Tasty1New Year’s Eve is drawing closer and it is time to make your plans to ‘Go Banana’s with Pet Monkey in Nashville at the Brown County Playhouse  This is where you click to get all the poop about event and to buy tickets.  My good friend and Hotel Nashville operator Kevin Ault is working on an inclusive package for the evening and I should have that info next week.  We’re planning on barrels of fun…don’t miss out!

Hope to see you soon.  Button up and don’t forget your mittens!  It’s *&%#! cold out there!

Scott / your lobgging Pet Monkey

PS:  Pet Monkey’s Facebook page is getting close to 500 likes so, if you haven’t liked us yet, please do now and thank you very much.  PET MONKEY WANTS TO BE YOUR BFF!

Trippin’ back to the 37 Junction Saturday

37 junct1

Hello everybody:

Just a brief mention of our Pet Monkey show coming up this weekend live from the 37 Junction stage!  This is a clean club with room to dance and a great menu and it is located about half way between Bloomington and Bedford just off, you guessed it, State Road 37!  We are thrilled to be back here and hope you can join us for some classic rock and roll.

For those of you living in the Johnson and Bartholomew County areas, look for our inaugural show next Saturday night at the Tasty Shop II in Edinburgh.

Also, if you are wanting a great evening for New Year’s Eve this year, check out the Brown County Playhouse where, you guessed it again,Pet Monkey will be the main attraction.  Kevin from Hotel Nashville is putting together a New Year;s Eve package and I will have those details shortly.


Bundle up buttercup, and we home to see you again real soon!

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey

Three Nights, Many Frights…Destination: Cedar Rock Haunted Trail!

Hello Pet Monkey friends!

This weekend, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday, you can find the Pet Monkey boys performing in Bean Blossom at the Cedar Rock Haunted Trail.  We play Friday and Saturday from 8:00 – midnight and on Sunday from 8:00 – 10:00.

cedar rock

The last check of the weather for these days shows no rain and decently warm (for late October). Our weekend here last year was spooky fun, but I hear that many improvements have been made in terms of making the stage more accessible to the haunted trail goers.  There are also many options for food and drinks.

If you are going to make it to one haunted event this Halloween season, this would be the one!  Sorry folks, no chainsaws allowed on the band stage.  Unless they’re ours!

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey

Seymour and Spencer…Check and Check

Friends (old and new),

Thanks for making it out to our two shows last week.  Our Thursday evening Seymour Oktoberfest event went swimmingly and, although it got a bit chilly toward the end, we had a nice group that braved it all.    Dancers graced the ground in front of the stage and a young boy and his sister stole the show.  We hope we did well enough to merit a return next year, and hopefully on a weekend night,  Thanks also to ‘Mac’ who did a great job running our sound.

Our Saturday night return to Spencer’s American Legion was a hoot thanks to Pauline, who was turning 96 the very next day.  She’s the pretty one next to me in the picture below.  Lots of fun, lots of dancing  and then it was over.  Spencer rock star Tyler Parker rocked the house and we hope to do it all again sometime soon.

A couple weekends off for the band and then a 3-nighter in Bean Blossom at the Cedar Rock Haunted Trail on October 24th, 25th and 26th.  Spooky stuff!

Another reminder about our New Year’s Eve Show at the Brown County Playhouse.  As more info gets released, I’ll post it here.  It’s gonna be a night to remember!

Be good, stay dry and warm, and have a monstrous October!

Scott / Your Blogging Pet Monkey

legion1 legion2

Headin’ South for the Week’s Pet Monkey Shows


After fun and successful performances in Johnson County last weekend at Whit’s Inn (above) and the St. Rose Fall Festival (below), we are moving our Monkey business a few miles south this week.

st rose1a

First up, we’ll be heading to Todd’s adopted home town of Seymour for show at their Oktoberfest on Thursday evening starting at 8:00.  This is our first Seymour show and we’re hoping for good weather and a great crowd.  We all plan on partaking in some amazing German food while there!  Es wird eine Partei sein!!!   (It will be a party!)

On Saturday, look for all the Pet Monkey boys in Spencer as we re-invade the American Legion there.  Our show starts at 9:00 and we hope to have a great time there just like last time!

In the middle on Friday, I have one of my final Mi Pueblo So-Low shows in Franklin starting at 6:30.  Sera Una Fiesta! (It will be a party!)

Here, there or somewhere, we hope to see you and yours soon.  It’s just not a party without you!

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey

Johnson County…Here We Come


I’m posting this from the shores of Lake Michigan, getting a few days away before two fun-filled Pet Monkey shows in scenic Johnson  County!

After I return to Indiana on Friday I’ll be gathering the gear for a 9:00 – 1:00 show Pet Monkey is playing at Whit’s Inn in Whiteland.  This will be our first show at Whit’s so we’re looking forward to a great night!

This Saturday evening finds Pet Monkey playing 2 hours of classic rock at the St. Rose Catholic School Fall Festival in Franklin.  We have some great friends from St. Rose and we are looking forward to playing for them again.  Our set will be from 5:30 to 7:30.

Signing off from Michigan, see you soon in Indiana!

Scott / your blogging Pet Monkey